National Champion


Having discovered tennis at the age of 12, I was exposed for the first time to people trying to choose my own limits : I was supposedly too old to become an elite tennis player. Three years later I was a national champion and I realize the potential we have within us to accomplish amazing things if we have the right attitude and work ethic. I finish my junior career with multiple provincial and national championships before attending a NCAA Division 1 university, Virginia Tech.


My health issues that put my life on hold for 4 years

During my 4th and final year on the american college circuit, I was forced to stop all physical activity. Dizziness, head pressure and muscle weakness are symptoms that were with me every day from February 2011 to February 2015. I was being investigated by every medical specialist, but we couldn’t find the cause of my health issues. I was barely able to walk 15 minutes a day when I was told to learn to live this way. I ended up finding a team of neurosurgeons in California who removed a tumor from the center of my brain on February 12th, 2015. Those four years of being ill taught me to keep moving forward, to take it one day at a time and to always keep hope.


Walk across the continent

On April 1st 2017 I started my 5500 km walk from coast to coast of the United States and around Québec to spread hope and inspiration. I walked 40km a day to demonstrate that we can not only overcome tough times in our lives, but also accomplish amazing things afterwards. The keywords of this adventure are : one day at a time, discipline, persistence, positive mindset and to believe in oneself.